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      Kaz Field Anderson
     Director of Training

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Email: training@hypnotherapytraining.net.au
Phone: 0466043611


For the Certificate & Diploma in Clinical Hypnotic Sciences 
on APRIL 10th - 14th 2019
Venue: Suite 17 Ebbtide Mall The Entrance


Welcome to Hypnotherapy Training Australia

Hypnotherapy Training Australia

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Personal Sessions in Clinical Hypnotherapy Also Available for Anxiety, Quit Smoking, Weight Loss etc. with our Highly Qualified Trainers. Bookings Essential


Kaz Field Anderson - Specialising in Anxiety, PTSD, Trauma & Cancer - 0466 043 611

L. Allen - Phobias, General Hypnotherapy

0449 505 862

Jody Wood  - Addictions/General Hypnotherapy 0404 973 231

Our Services Include:

  • Excellence in Training in:
  • Diploma in Clinical Hypnotic Sciences
  • Diploma in Gestalt Psychotherapy


  • Private Hypnotherapy Sessions for:
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Weight Loss
  • Quit Smoking
  • Goal Setting and Achievement
  • Nail Biting & Habits
  • Motivation
  • Depression
  • Life Coaching
  • Gestalt Psychotherapy
  • General Counselling


                ENROLLING NOW!

  • Certificate in Clinical Hypnotic Sciences
  • Diploma of Clinical Hypnotic Sciences


  • Diploma in Gestalt Psychotherapy

  • Nationally Accredited with All the major Associations
  • Diploma Qualifications
  • Highly Qualified Teachers
  • Eligibility for Membership with the Governing Bodies of Clinical Hypnotherapy: A.H.A. , A.S.C.H, H.C.A  & P.C.H.A after graduation.

The HTA provides students with the opportunity to pursue a rewarding and exciting career as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, as well as ongoing Professional Development to enhance the therapeutic skills of practitioners. All of our Training is experiential, as we believe we learn best this way. To be a great therapist, we need to do the work on ourselves, and in our training, you certainly do!

Change Begins With YOU!


NOTE: To be a qualified practising therapist, ALL students need to complete the full Diploma Training. The Certificate in Clinical Hypnotic Sciences - Unit 1 is the basics of hypnotherapy only and is designed to give students the basic understanding of hypnotic concepts and practises.


"In a journey to help others I have found myself! .... if you're ready to walk a path of healing and education. Then I recommend, beyond expectation Hypnotherapy Training Australia"

Skye Hodgson

"HTA provided me with the next level up in skills in Clinical Hypnotherapy. This training was provided in a firm but supportive manner which caters to all learning styles. The use of metaphors has provided me with a hypnotherapy toolbox that has given my clients a new way to explore themselves and their world without feeling fearful. The trainers are professional and heart based which is really refreshing with regard to other schools, especially those that are primarily online and about building numbers over skills. I am now working within a Gestalt framework in the hypnotherapeutic field which allows my clients to grow in a way that they haven't experienced before with more traditional or medically aligned models. On a personal level, I have deep gratitude for the learning experience and learning environment. The only time I have looked back, is to to be grateful for what I have been taught so I can support others."

Cath Edwards

What we offer

The Next Certificate of Clinical Hypnotic Science is conducted as a 5 day intensive. The Intensive is five days consecutive, beginning on Wednesday APRIL 10th 2019 up to and including APRIL 14th. After receiving your Certificate in Clinical Hypnotic Sciences you will gain the basic skills to proceed to the Diploma of Clinical Hypnotic Sciences.

The Diploma of Clinical Hypnotic Science course is conducted in a weekend format to make it accessible to working students & professionals  

Apply now for your new exciting career!

Phone 0466043611 or email: training@hypnotherapytraining.net.au for an Info Pack and Enrolment Pack or download from this site.

Our Mission is to change the world...one heart at a time, by providing the highest standard of training in the fields of Hypnotherapy, Family Constellations,Transpersonal & Gestalt therapies in a professional and caring environment. 

All students are supported to acknowledge, respect and accept themselves and others and learn to relate with courage, clarity and compassion.

Through knowledge, understanding and wisdom, the HTA will provide students with the necessary tools to step into service in their communities.

Upon Graduation of the HTA Diploma Course, our students are competent, confident and qualified Therapists, with qualifications recognised by all major associations. This is of utmost importance for our clients who are eligible to claim  rebates through participating Health Funds.

HTA Also Is Offering a Diploma In Family Constellations (see Professional Development Tab for more details):


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