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Module 1 Introduction to Clinical Hypnotherapy

Lecture 1

Teacher: Marilyn Newman

Session 1

  • History of Hypnotic approaches
  • What is hypnosis
  • Myths and Misconceptions of Hypnosis
  • The Context of Hypnosis

Session 2

  • The Importance of Rapport in a therapeutic relationship
  • Depth Techniques
  • Assessment of Hypnotisability
  • Susceptibility and depth scales
  • Post Hypnotic Suggestions

Session 3

  • Induction Techniques (Including open eye induction and closed eye induction)

  • Demonstration in class
  • Hypnotic Terminology
  • Setting up of peer study and practice groups (to continue over the period of this Certificate/Diploma course) 5 hours required per week plus 10 hour of required reading.

Lecture Two

Teacher:  Janine Fraser

Session 4

  • Revision
  • Eriksonian

  • Hypnotic Communication
  • Imagery Techniques
  • D.V.D with Michael Yapco Clinical demonstration Hypnotically generating therapeutic possibilities
  • Self-Hypnosis

Session 5

  • Script Writing
  • Indications for Hypnosis
  • Contraindications for Hypnosis
  • Limitations, complications and adverse effects

Session 6

  • Deepening techniques
  • Discussion on the DVD and questionnaire

  • Specific Techniques, Including Dr. Milton Erickson, Dr. Michael Yapko, Steven Gilligan
  • Class Practice
  • The Conscious and unconscious process of the mind

Lecture Three: Teacher: Marilyn Newman

Session 7

  • Revision

· Children’s disorder’s including enuresis, bullying, night terrors and most children’s disorders

· Children’s induction techniques

Session 8

· The importance of structuring suggestions

· Human suggestibility

· Relaxation and methods of diversion of attention

Session 9

· Ideomotor Techniques (IMR)

· The Validity of IMR responses

· Therapeutic Implications of the Hypnotic

· Spontaneous Trance-states

Lecture Four: Teacher: Marilyn Newman & Chris Davidson

Session 10

  • Revision
  • Life Span Development issues The Hypnotic Approach

  • Weight Loss
  • Therapeutic Implications of the Hypnotic State

Session 11

  • Introduction to regression & re-patterning
  • Psychodynamics of Hypnosis
  • Specific theories for hypnotic phenomena
  • The phenomena of hypnosis

Session 12

  • Practice by students in class
  • Symptom removal, remission & facilitating awareness of the cause
  • Therapeutic implications of the hypnotic state

Lecture 5

Teacher: Raelene Eastham

Session 13

  • Revision

· Memory and Concentration training

· Stress Management

Session 14

  • Knowing when to refer a client on (referral lists will be provided by HTA)
  • Ethics of the Hypnotherapist
  • Introduction to Ego State Therapy
  • Bad habits, smoking, nail biting, etc
  • Practice in class

Lecture 6

Teacher: Marilyn Newman & Raelene Eastham

  • The Importance of history taking & keeping files
  • Legal & professional responsibilities of the Hypnotherapist
  • Setting up a Clinical Practice
  • Revision

  • Morning Theory Assessment
  • Afternoon Practical Assessment

Required reading:

  • Trancework 3rd edition by Michael Yapco, Hartland’s Mental and Dental Hypnosis with Michael Heap and Kottiyattil K. Aravind.

Face to face 47 hours. Plus 5 Study Group Plus required readings

Assessment: theoretical & Practical exam on day 6

Learning Objectives: Module 1

Upon completion of this course the student can expect to be able to:

  • Have knowledge of the history of Hypnosis,
  • Having an understanding of what is Hypnosis
  • Have an understanding in the use of various induction & deepening techniques
  • Have a clear understanding of the Ethics, dangers and responsibilities of the Hypnotherapist and when to refer on
  • Have an understanding of the therapeutic benefits of hypnosis in weight control, quit smoking, & memory training.
  • Developing skills and understanding the duty of care when working with children and acquiring skills to work with children helping with Enuresis and most children’s
  • Have an awareness of the process of abreaction during hypnosis.
  • Developing skills to use hypnotic techniques in a safe and proficient manner
  • Understanding the dangers, responsibility and ethics involved in hypnosis. Gaining an insight into Ego Based Hypnosis
  • Have a basic knowledge of regression and repatterning
  • Understanding the importance of building a rapport in a therapeutic relationship.

Students are required as part of the advanced Certificate course to complete a 2000 word comparative study on the different styles of Induction Techniques including, Directive Hypnosis, Eriksonian, the
Gestalt approach to Hypnosis, Michael Yapko.

This assignment is due on the Friday evening of the 2nd weekend of the intensive course. Approx 20 hours has been allotted for this assignment. This is part of the Advance course.

Part of the Advanced Certificate of Clinical

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